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Books / Dead East

Terrorism doesn't just happen in faraway places.  Someone is killing innocent Americans and no one knows it is part of an intricate plot involving unseen forces.  Jarvis is a private detective who knows what war looks like the way a firefighter knows the heat of a blaze; he has lived it, survived it, and come home to a world he thought would be safer.  When his best friend, a skilled army sniper who has found a way to employ his talents during times of peace, is found poisoned and near death, Jarvis sets his sights on the assassin.  He discovers far more than a single act of unexplained violence.  What unravels is a dirty, dangerous, and shocking threat that takes him around the world and back home again as he tries to stop an act of calculated and unforgivable terror.

Books / Murder in Mind

Jaded, short-tempered, and able to sort-of read the minds of other people, psychiatrist McNair drains another bottle of beer and listens to his voicemail. The messages are from a patient, Helen, pleading for her life as her husband viciously beats her. McNair calls 911 to try and save her before the attack turns deadly.

But Dr. McNair’s intervention has unintended consequences. A series of murders begins and the victims all share a trait that emerges as McNair helps the police investigate. As people die and McNair fights to stop the killing, he discovers painful truths about himself and the killer in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse.

Twists, surprises, and disturbing moments of violence and intimacy bring McNair and the killer to an inevitable confrontation where only one person can walk away alive.

Murder in Mind was written largely on airplanes as the author traveled for business between Los Angeles and New York. Murder in Mind is Steve Winshel’s first novel to be made available beyond family members.

Books / A Twisted Path

Bill Furyk is an ex-cop with an anger management problem and overly intimate relationship with Vicodin. Violent events led to his departure from the force and he found himself doing security and bodyguard work but his propensity for using his fists over his intellectual skills made it hard to build a business. A particularly unpleasant event at a bar leads to an epiphany and he decides to completely change his life - and open a sandwich shop. For the last two years, he's been a regular guy. Except people in need seem to be drawn to him.

When a woman he met during his time as a cop is arrested after being found hunched of the body of her still bleeding husband, a knife in her hand, he is pulled back in. As he tries to untangle what happened to the meek, gentle Merrill, a larger story unravels. He picks at the threads, and learns of a brutal, cruel, and profitable venture in which young, troubled women are tricked into becoming playthings for powerful men willing to pay for the privilege of satisfying their sometimesviolent, often degrading private desires. Powerful politicians, police, and professionals are involved. The dead man was the main conduit - atherapist who treated the troubled young women, then recruited them into this form of slavery. The wife accused of killing him had herself been a patient of his many years earlier.

Furyk must find out if the wife really did the killing and when he begins to see the vast, horrible business that is behind the murder, he is determined to put an end to it...the only way he knows how.

Books / Catalyst

Josh Barnes' world is violently upended when a beautiful woman turns a flirtatious encounter into a deadly case of extortion. His life has revolved around technology and family until now; suddenly he is facing killers who will stop at nothing to get what they want from him. Fighting for his life using all his skills - some he never dreamt he had - Josh uncovers a bizarre international plot involving billions of dollars. At the center is a megalomaniacal psychopath whose murderous crews carry out his instructions for profit and out of fear of their boss. Partnering with a tough, talented female detective, Josh must save his own life and those he loves.